Teen BJJ Classes - Long Island Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Youth BJJ Program (From 12 - 15 Years Old)

Our main objective at United Studios BJJ is to help your child feel more confident in everything they do through our teen bjj classes. Brazilian JiuJitsu helps to raise self-esteem while delivering a fantastic workout for your teen.

Our instructors Professor Chris Lyon and Coach Enzo Aliotta have been training in the Martial Arts since they were teens. This lifelong dedication has made it easy for them to identify the needs of their students and quickly set positive goals as necessary. And your child will meet and surpass goals regularly, while still having fun!

Teen BJJ Classes

Our teen bjj classes will help your child to fully understand that their hard work will be very rewarding, both physically and mentally. As your teen starts to see physical improvements such as weight loss and muscle tone as well as mental improvements such as confidence and clarity, they will want to train even more.

Mastering bjj techniques and accumulating daily success will help your child to strive for more and more improvement. This will result in improved grades in school, improved behavior at home and character building for lifelong success that no other activity can compete with.

If your teen is interested in getting started in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, we’ve got the best youth program on Long Island. You can get moving on it with our no-risk $99 Quick Start offer. Call today for more information or to get started, and your child will be on the mat in no time.

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